About Us

Hey, ya'll!


About the Mom and Creator

I'm Jackie, single mom, owner and sole creator of Little Shop Joy! (I definitely have mannny titles and big shoes to fill, LOL).  


I have been crafting and creating since high school and finally decided to pursue my interests after my divorce in 2018!  I needed something that would allow me to stay home with my little people and of course, create cute stuff! A sewing machine, a few YouTube videos and couple more machines later, and Little Shop Joy was born!


My First Products...

In the beginning, we were only creating pet bandanas and bows then expanded to accessories for moms! I have perfected the perfect fitting pet Scrunchie bandanas and pet collar bows that our customers can't get enough of! I have expanded our products to include tees and candles that will be coming in Fall '20! 


Why 'Little Shop Joy'?

The name 'little shop joy' just came to me. It made sense for the space that I wanted to create. This space is my way of creating cute pieces of joy to share with ya'll.


 My Handcrafted Products...

I know you will love them! Each piece is created with some much love and joy! Literally a piece of my joy that I'm handing to you! 

If you want some products created, please shoot me an email at! I love custom orders and am always ready to help bring your vision to life! 

Peace, Love & Puppy Kisses,




Yessss! This is a black owned shop, ran by one ambitious black mother and lover! Black lives will always matter here. In fact, it has inspired some of our tees that will be coming in the Fall!