Styles & Sizes


Our Bandanas are available in 3 styles!

  • Tie on Bandana - Our tie on bandanas are the classic tie on bandanas. Just tie on your fur baby and you are ready to go!
  • Scrunchie Bandanas -Our scrunchie bandanas feature an elastic band that allows for super comfort! No more pinching fur or uncomfortable knots! Just slide it over your pet’s head! 
  • Over the Collar - Our collar bandanas offer convenience and style! Simply slide right on your pet’s collar.


Bandana Sizes

 Please measure around your dog's neck to ensure a perfect fit:

X-Small- fits necks up to 9"
Small: fits necks up to 11"
Medium: fits necks up to 15"
Large: fits necks up to 19"
X-Large: fits necks up to 23"

Bandana Measurements

A bandana flag is a bandana without the scrunchie feature or cotton tie ons. These are the basic measurements for our Scrunchie Bandanas and Tie On bandanas. It does not include the measurements for the Scrunchie or Our Cotton Tie ons. It is the finished product for our Over the Collar bandanas. If you have any questions about our sizing or bandanas, please email us! 

Little shop joy bandana size

Bandana Flag Measurements 

Please note: All items are handmade, imperfections, and slight size differences may occur.