Styles & Sizes


Our Bandanas are available in 3 styles!

  • Tie on Bandana - Our tie on bandanas are the classic tie on bandanas. Just tie on your fur baby and you are ready to go!
  • Scrunchie Bandanas -Our scrunchie bandanas feature an elastic band that allows for super comfort! No more pinching fur or uncomfortable knots! Just slide it over your pet’s head! 
  • Over the Collar - Our collar bandanas offer convenience and style! Simply slide right on your pet’s collar.


Bandana Sizes

Please measure around your dog's neck to ensure a perfect fit:
X-Small- fits necks up to 11"
Small: fits necks up to 17"
Medium: fits necks up to 19"
Large: fits necks up to 21"
X-Large: fits necks up to 23"